HIGHSIDER License Plate Holder Universal Type 5

HIGHSIDER license plate holder, universal holder type 5

High-quality processed license plate holder made of black, powder-coated steel - weather-resistant and durable. Thanks to a continuously adjustable inclination angle, the holder has an excellent fit. There is no need to change any trim parts.

Tailor-made for your bike - HIGHSIDER's extensive range of accessories is perfectly tailored to your bike. With the highest level of quality and functionality, you can easily design your bike to your liking.

Technical specifications:
Mounting, bracket: 2 x M6 screws, 2 x locknut, 1 x locking screw
Attachment of infinitely adjustable indicator tubes: 2 x M4 button head screws, 1 x self-locking nut
The indicator tubes are provided with a 10.5 mm bore for the turn signals.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece including indicator lugs, T-holder for reflector and mounting screws.

Optionally available:
Matching HIGHSIDER plate with LED license plate light (256-064): Set no. 280-992
Matching SHIN YO LED license plate light QUADRO: Art.-No. 256-064
Matching HIGHSIDER mounting plate with LED license plate light (256-013): Set.-No. 280-991
Matching KOSO mini LED license plate illumination: Art. 256-013
Matching HIGHSIDER bracket with LED license plate light (256-033): Set no. 280-999
Matching SHIN YO Micro LED license plate illumination: Art. 256-033

The following taillights can optionally be used as original replacement taillights: SHIN YO LED taillight MOVE TYPE 1: Art. 255-161 (please order the mounting plate item no. 280-990 for mounting on the license plate holder!)
Housing HIGHSIDER item no. 255-140H in conjunction with the following taillights:
• Little Number 1 clear glass item no. 255-140
• Little Number 1 tinted glass Art. 255-141
• Little Number 1 red glass item no. 255-142
For mounting on the license plate holder please order the holding plate item no. 280-990!