Mirror TOREZZO with LED indicators


Mirror TOREZZO with LED indicator, Alu black anodized, with extra L/H-thread adapter f. Yamaha, mirror and indicator E-mark, pair.

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HIGHSIDER mirror TOREZZO with LED indicator
functionality combined with great optics – aluminium handlebar mirror with LED indicator, which is embedded in the back of the black anodized mirror head. Including extra adapter M10 x 1,25 mm with left hand thread for Yamaha. Mirrors and indicators are E-tested.

Character and overview whether retro or modern. The HIGHSIDER mirror series are characterized by characteristic design and aerodynamic function. That’s prudence in perfection.

Width, head: 150 mm
Height, head: 80 mm
Depth: 35 mm
Stalk length up to the bend: 110 mm
Stalk length up to the thread: 140 mm

Black cable = Ground (-)
Yellow cable = Flasher (+)

Scope of supply: 1 pair


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