Bar end mirror CONERO 2 – BLACK EDITION -, short

Bar end mirror CONERO 2 – BLACK EDITION -, short, for the most 7/8 and 1 inch alu or steel handlebars, 1 piece



HIGHSIDER bar end mirror CONERO 2, short, E-marked
– BLACK EDITION – For everyone who loves black.

Premium quality, round mirror made of black anodized aluminium. The second generation of popular mirror can be attached directly at the handlebar or on the handlebar end weights of type DOT, CURVE and CONERO TYPE 2 BLACK EDITION. The short stem is with three air slots. Suited for the most 7/8 and 1 inch alu or steel handlebars with inner diameter from 12 up to 22 mm. For left and right side mounting.

Purism and minimalism combined with highly processed products characterize our CONERO series. Matching perfect to Naked Bikes, especially Roadsters. This accessories reduce your bike to the minimum. Beat no records – just ride and feel!

All-round visibility combined with style – be it retro style or modern. HIGHSIDER mirror series combine a remarkable design with an aerodynamic function. So you stay on top of things.

Diameter head: A = 98 mm
Diameter head: B = 98 mm
Total width: C = 150 mm
Total height: D = 100 mm
Stem length middle to middle: 85 mm

Delivery contents: 1 piece, inclusive
1 x adapter 7/8 inch
1 x adapter 1 inch
Perfect in finish and design for Naked Bikes: Take a look at our stylish customizing products!

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