License plate light holder-XL


License plate light holder-XL for HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS & LSL MANTIS-RS License plate holder, steel, black, piece.

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Holder for license plate lights
Black steel holder for mounting the HIGHSIDER SMD license plate light SPLIT-XL on HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS or LSL MANTIS-RS license plate holder. The license plate light holder is mounted in conjunction with the respective license plate light on the license plate light plate (not included, please order separately) for the legally required distance. With holes for clean cable feed-through of the license plate lights.

Distance mounting: 30mm (M4)
Max mounting width license plate light: 29mm (M4)
Distance license plate light to the rear edge of the license plate: 30mm

Scope of supply: 1 piece, incl.
2x M4x12 mm lens head hexagon socket screws
2x washers
2x M4 self-locking nuts

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