LED taillight/indicator unit APOLLO


APOLLO LED taillight / indicator light unit, black Alu housing, smoke lens, pair, E-mark

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HIGHSIDER APOLLO LED tail light, brake light, turn signal module

LED tail light, brake light, turn signal module suitable for recessed or surface mounting, black aluminium ring with tinted glass, E-tested. There are two very bright SMDs in the center. The outer ring consists of COBs (Chip On Board). With this technique, the semiconductor (without housing) is glued directly onto a printed circuit board. This module is supplied with a black anodised aluminium ring that fits over the base body.

The best comes at the end the taillight and taillight/indicator series from HIGHSIDER give you the safety you need and the look you want whether cruiser, athlete or speedster.

A1: 13 mm
A2: 9 mm
D1: 22 mm
D2: 20 mm

Threaded bolts: M8, length 12 mm

Black cable = mass (-)
Yellow cable = taillight (+)
Red cable = stoplight (+)
Blue = turn signal (+)

Scope of supply: 1 Pair

The unit can be installed flat without an aluminium ring, so that only the lens is visible. A 20 mm wide hole must be drilled for this purpose. Alternatively, the unit can be mounted with the aluminium ring on e.g. a mounting plate on the vehicle.

Optional accessories:
HIGHSIDER indicator/position light module: Article no. 204-172 HIGHSIDER flasher module: Item no. 204-170.


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