LED taillight/indicator CONERO


LED rear, brake light, indicators CONERO, black aluminium housing, tinted glass, pair, for rear E-approved.

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HIGHSIDER LED tail light, brake light, turn signal CONERO

High luminosity thanks to state-of-the-art COB technology (Chip On Board): The new LED chip embedding for high-performance LEDs achieves very high luminance with the best possible efficiency and service life. In addition, higher light values can be achieved than with conventional LEDs despite strongly tinted glass. The black, cylindrical aluminium housing and the polished bevels distinguish the noble, stylish design of this model. For rear E-approved.

Our CONERO series lives from a minimalist design and fits perfectly with uncovered motorcycles. The beautifully shaped and high quality aluminium add-on parts give your roadster a face and character. The HIGHSIDER CONERO series brings you back the time when a motorcycle could simply be a motorcycle reduced to riding, experiencing and experiencing.

The HIGHSIDER rear light and tail light/indicator series will be seen with certainty to give you the safety you need and the look you want whether cruiser, athlete or speedster.

A: 45 mm
D: 15 mm
Threaded bolt: M 8x 1.25
Black cable = Ground (-)
Blue cable= Indicator (+)
Yellow cable = Taillight (+)
Red cable = Brakelight (+)

Included: 1 pair
further accessories from the CONERO series
Your bike – your project: design your naked bike with our CONERO products to an individual highlight – expressive, rich in contrast and perfect in form!

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– Art.-No. 255-167 LED tail light T2, tinted glass
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