HIGHSIDER 5 3/4 inch LED headlights FRAME-R2 type 10


5 3/4 inch LED headlight FRAME-R2 type 10, black. Available with side and bottom mounting, E-approved.

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HIGHSIDER LED main headlight FRAME-R2 TYPE 10, E-approved
– Mounting WITHOUT housing, there is a light coming on. –

Every centimetre counts to place the headlight as narrowly as possible between the two standpipes in the fork. REDUCED TO THE MAX was the premise for the development of the innovative headlamp mount FRAME. With the puristic aluminium ring it is possible for the first time to mount different LED headlight inserts free-standing on the motorcycle. The deliberate omission of a headlamp housing enables an unbeatably narrow installation position and also provides better cooling of the LED unit.

In many motorcycles the H4 or H7 lamp shines, which more or less sparkles. Seeing better usually also means being seen better at the same time, not unimportant when the summer tends towards autumn and in times when cars are increasingly equipped with bright daytime running lights. Whether you want to replace it for better visibility at night, better recognition during the day, or to give your motorcycle a more beautiful look, if you are looking for a stylish and innovative power headlight, the FRAME-R2 LED headlight is an excellent choice.

For variable mounting of the headlamp two different mounting systems are available.
– Side Mount, the conventional screw connection at the side of the lamp holder
– Bottom Mount, attachment at the bottom for screw connection to the fork bridge

The Side-Mount holders can be mounted in three positions, thus compensating 32 mm in installation depth and 46 mm in width.

– Round 5 3/4 inch headlight with CNC holding ring and mounting kit
– Mounting WITHOUT a headlight housing
– Improves cooling
– Many installation possibilities
– Flat mounting
– Modern optics, Stylish and innovative
– At the bottom and in the middle the dipped beam lights
– With high beam it shines at the top
– Parking lights are left and right
– E-approved, nothing needs to be entered

Give your bike your unmistakable style! The unusual design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes your bike a highlight in any case!

A Diameter = 165 mm
GA Diameter = 135 mm
I Diameter = 145 mm
T = 60 mm
R = 27 mm
Variant side mounting: M8

Connections / power consumption (3 pin plug):
Red = Low beam (+)
Yellow = High beam (+)
White = Position light (+)
Brown = Ground (-)

Supplied: 1 piece

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