Electronic two channel relay 6-14V


Electronic two channel relay 6-14V

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HIGHSIDER Electronic two channel relay 6-14V
(Even more functions than the predecessor HIGHSIDER Plus – Minus Converter CB3)
It is possible to select the desired function via both Plus andto be controlled via minus.
One electronic, dual relay with inputs for all common buttons or switches.
One of the two inputs can be switched to ground or plusthe corresponding 12 V output is switched on.
The outputs can supply lines up to 40 W in continuous operation.
Typical power consumers, which can be switched on and off via non-locking pushbuttons(e.g. horn, low beam, high beam, etc.) two channel relays can be controlled with the HIGHSIDER.
Using the relay instead of a direct connection of the consumerwith the switch, allows the use of smallest cable cross sections and buttons with low current values.

Example 1 :
You want to use a small pushbutton with a low flow ratefor example to switch a horn (high current consumption). To avoid damaging the button by the normal power consumption, simply use this electronicRelay.
It allows you to use switches or buttons to switch high currents.
Example 2:
On some motorcycles (e.g. INDIAN) the flasher signal ground is clocked.
That means: WithWith the help of the electronic two-channel relay, you can now convert the ground flasher signal to positive. Thus all turn signals, turn signal/tail light combinations or turn signal/position lights can becan still be used.
(For the conversion to a turn signal/tail light combination (e.g. 254-540) you need 1 x the electronic relay for your vehicle)

Product advantages:
– extremeThin cable cross-sections for connecting the buttons
– Use of switches for low currents despite consumers with high currents
– Extension of the service life of switches
– 2independent channels
– Very small dimensions and low weight
– Fully sealed product (waterproof)
– Smaller and more flexible than expensive multi-channel switch boxes
– Protection against allpossible wiring error
– More flexible than – ALL IN ONE SMART BOXES –

Width: 17 mm
Depth: 9.5 mm
Height: 17 mm
Weight: 9 g

Red (thick) = ignition plus 12V(+)
Yellow (thick) = Working output CH2 (+)
Blue (thick) = Working output CH1 (+)
Yellow (thin) = Control plus signal CH2
Blue (thin) = Control plus signal CH1
Yellow/Black (thin) =Control minus signal CH2
blue/black (thin) = control minus signal CH1
maximum power: 40 Watt

delivery scope: 1 piece

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