Flasher Relay BR10-micro


Digital Flasher Relay BR10 micro, 5-16V/1-90W

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HIGHSIDER Digital flasher relay

This load-independent digital flasher unit is ideal for LED conversions. Equipped with under- and overvoltage protection, the relay delivers an absolutely constant flashing frequency and can be used for all flashers from 1 Watt to 21 Watt. Further features: waterproof, vibration-resistant, wear-free and overload-proof. Made in Germany.

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length: 20 mm
width: 20 mm
height: 13 mm

technical data
supply voltage: 5 V – 16 V
load range: 1 W – 90 W
No quiescent current consumption

Connect simple connections via 2 wires
Red cable = 12 V (+) with terminal 49, it is recommended to connect a 10 A fuse in series.
Black cable = connect ground (-) in series to flasher switch with terminal 49a

scope of delivery: 1 piece incl. No. 204-260
HIGHSIDER LED taillight / turn signal unit, Part No. 254-261

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