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CAN-BUS resistor CBW1, piece

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HIGHSIDER CAN-BUS resistor CBW1 with DIP-switch.

Our newly developed HIGHSIDER CAN-BUS resistor CBW1 fits most vehicles that have a CAN-BUS system.

The CBW1 resistor provides a required electrical load for your vehicle, which, if the dip switches are set correctly, will result in no flashing of the accessory flashers in the cockpit.

In addition, a reliability is given. This means:
If the accessory indicators fail due to an electronic fault, an error message is immediately displayed in the cockpit.

Up to 2 channels can be operated, such as turn signals at the rear left and turn signals at the rear right.

If 2 pairs of indicators need to be changed,also 2 CBW1 needed to be used.

Which requirements should be met in order to use the CBW1 on the motorbike:
The motorbike was originally produced with LED indicators.
The motorbike has a CAN-BUS System

If these requirements are not met, the CBW1 unit will not function (!) In this case, we recommend the following resistances:
For indicators with 21 Watt
6,8 Ohm partnumber 207-025
10 Ohm partnumber 207-028

For indicators with 10 Watt
27 Ohm partnumber 207-020

The following resistance values ??can be set on the CBW1:
150 ohms
170 ohms
240 ohms
300 ohms
400 ohms
600 ohms
1200 ohms

Height = 11mm
Width = 31mm (without straps)
Width = 46mm (with tabs)
Length = 40mm

Cable length = 200mm with pins

Yellow = input channel 1 (+)
Orange = output channel 1 (+)
Blue = input channel 2 (+)
Red = output channel 2 (+)
Gray = input mass (-)
Black = output ground (-)

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

– Up to 2 channels can be operated.
– The connection is explained precisely in the mounting instructions!


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