LED position light PROTON THREE


LED position light PROTON THREE, self-adhesive, tinted glass, only for front use, E-tested, piece.

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– Small, smaller, Proton –

With a PROTON postion light, the illuminant component on the motorcycle can disappear visually.
The trend towards ever smaller lighting elements makes it possible to give the bike a cool and clean look.
No more oversized light systems from the days of our ancestors.
The next smaller level has been reached and opens up completely new design options for motorcycles.
The model THREE from the PROTON family is attached to fairing parts or other motorcycle parts with good holding, double-sided adhesive tape.
Suitable only for front, E-approved.

Point the way – by innovative HIGHSIDER postion light series you can not only show where you want to go, but also who you are. That’s trend-setting design of its best.

A Width: 11 mm
B Width: 12 mm
C Height: 12 mm
D Depth: 22 mm
Weight: 20 g

White = postion light (+)
Black = ground (-)

Scope of delivery: 1 pieces


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