HIGHSIDER CNC FRAME CAP set, cover cap set for BMW RnineT


CNC FRAME CAP Set Cover caps for BMW RnineT, as 7-piece or 2-piece  Set

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HIGHSIDER CNC FRAME CAP Set, 2-piece or 7-piece
Fits BMW RnineT from 2014-2016 (complete set)

NOTE: Starting with model year 2016, the frame has been changed on some models. This means that the cover cap (vehicle side viewed from the left) does not fit at the top right (above the cylinder head – injection nozzle)! —SEE PHOTO—

The black anodized aluminum caps cover the frame holes of the BMW RnineT. Combined with polished bevels, these caps stand for a noble, stylish design and fit perfectly to our HIGHSIDER CONERO series.
Tailor-made for your bike – the extensive range of accessories from HIGHSIDER is perfectly tailored to your motorcycle. With a maximum of quality and functionality you can easily design your bike according to your wishes.

Dimensions 2-piece set:
Lock cover, left = A: 49mm: B:42mm: C:13mm
Lock cover, right = A: 58mm: B:48mm: C:10mm

Dimensions 7-piece set:
Swing cover = A: 49mm: W:42mm: C:13mm
Swingarm closure cover = A: 58mm: W:48mm: C:10mm
Upper swingarm closure cover = A: 26mm: W:18mm: C:12mm
Lower engine closure cover = A: 32mm: W:25mm: C:12mm
Upper motor cover = A: 40mm: B:32mm: C:12mm (fit issues on some 2016 and later models!)
Upper engine cover = A: 39mm: B:30mm: C:12mm

Scope of supply: 1 set, 2-piece
1x swingarm end cap, left
1x swingarm end cap, right

Scope of supply: 1 set, 7-piece
1x swing arm locking cover, left
1x swing arm locking cover, right
1x upper swing arm locking cover, right
2x lower engine locking cover, right / left
1x upper engine locking cover, front
1x upper engine locking cover, rear.

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