All under one roof.

We at Paaschburg & Wunderlich believe that developing our own products has many positive effects. We can realise trends and products that clients are asking for very quickly and in the customary high quality. This is why the product development department has greatly expanded in the past years, equipped with cutting-edge soft- and hardware. Thus, in the future you can continue to expect fresh designs and interesting products from us.

Our team

Unlimited creativity

In the past few years, the HIGHSIDER product development team has grown quickly. All four team members are themselves passionate bikers and are thus perfectly able to understand our clients‘ wishes to put themselves in our clients’ position. Suggestions from our clients, proposals from our colleagues as well as needs and trends on the motorcycle market: all ideas are funneled in our product development and processed there. The product development processes ensure a quick implementation of these ideas in form of a new product. Our product development can thus present our customers products that are absolutely up to date regarding design, technology and quality.


From the idea to the product
Our printers

Modern FDM and SLA 3-D-printers allow us to quickly create and evaluate prototypes. Furthermore we have a modern CNC-mill with which we can, whenever necessary, build prototypes from aluminium and other materials. These tools help us test product ideas regarding their design as well as their functionality.

Our software

Modern products require modern CAD software. So, at Paaschburg & Wunderlich we rely on a modern, integrated software package. This allows us to construct new products, CAM/CNC machining of CAD models, FEA/FEM simulation and creation of photo-realistic renderings.

The test procedure

With our FEA/FEM simulation software we can test components that are subject to mechanical stress, even before the prototypes are produced. This allows for optimization of the components – while still in the construction phase – and thus ensures our clients an extremely high product safety.

Practical stress test

Before the new product is taken into our portfolio, it is of course subjected to a practical stress test. Almost all our team members are passionate cyclists, just like our clients. So we always have a convenient bike at hand in order to test quality and functionality of the new products under real-life conditions.

Progress instead of stagnation

Being able to create modern, photo-realistic pictures from the CAD model helps to judge its future appearance, as well as in matters of marketing. With this software module, we are able to evaluate various surfaces and colors on new products. For example, with its help the introduction of the new HIGHSIDER™ logo and the use of small bezels – as seen in the CONERO bar-end mirror – was quickly decided on.